I am proud to present our

        Bath & Body Products  Catalog

               2010-2011 Edition

 Before I built the original web store our sales  customers would request our catalog through the postal service via phone & email in response to my many handwritten advertisements (sometimes ink costs more than the budge allows) posted on the public boards at the local markets & laundromats. as well as our phone book entries (including the physical paperback versions).

It has been a long time in the making (about 3 months due to learning new editing software) our  Bath & Body Products Catalog is now available online in an Adobe pdf format.

However with postal prices rising (almost as fast as our unemployment rate!) I’ve had to cut expenses even further by 50%.

Our shipping is now through USPS strictly & simply because they are cheaper than UPS, which will only be used for business to business or for orders over $250.00.

Click the catalog photo (if shown) or copy & paste the link below into your browser address bar. If that still doesn’t work please contact me for the zip file to be sent via email (please type the following in the subject box: send catalog zip file.) to:

Below is the text link-

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