Styrofoam Recycling Comes to the Region (via CBS St. Louis)

Speaking of styrofoam recycling comes to the region, to our beautiful state of Washington as well. Are you a local in the Renton area? If so be sure to take your styrofoam to this awesome recycling drop off  location:

 Vic & Ginger’s Styro Recycle

800 S.W. 43rd St.

Renton, Wa. 98057


(located between IKEA & Alliance)

“Be part of your GREEN community! It is easier than you think! Call today for more details!”

Our own recycling program –

Have you been looking & wishing for a recycling program that would include-Broken candles, crayons, metal of any sort, old photograph frames with glass inserts, ripped linens & clothing to their list?

We recycle these materials!

 Here is a list of items :

Candles (broken & left over pieces)




Photograph frames with glass inserts (it doesn’t matter if the glass is broken or not)

Metal (tin, aluminum, steel, scrap metal) 

Wooden pallets

Clean HDPE plastic bath & body bottles (all labels must be removed, the weight from the label taped to the bottom – flip top, spray or pump lids must be attached)

Glass Jars (labels must be removed, lids must be attached)

Styrofoam (packing type or other)

Packing Peanuts
Please contact us for drop off details or schedule a pick up of your items (must be within 25 miles of Ravensdale.)

How do we recycle styrofoam?

As  insulation in the walls of my storage unit, inside the walls & under flooring of our house, lining the interior of the skirting to protect from seasonal & animal damage.

My personal collection of  styrofoam has dwindled due to the repairs I have made since the start of the good weather.

While on the subject of our environment, I have found information as to how to build, install & use renewable energy; 

This site is a member of WebRing.

To browse visit

Please click the banner above  for more information– Our home is rated for 110V 30Amps ( which is completely different from the standard 220V) your information may contain more details. 
Once my home has been converted to renewable energy I will have some experience under my belt in order to do the same while  building  our Physical Retail Store  (slated to for the grand opening later this year.)

 Be sure to subscribe to receive progress reports of our retail store.
Thank You,
Jenifer Hale

KIRKWOOD, Mo. (KMOX) – For the first time, St. Louis County residents will be able to recycle styrofoam. The City of Kirkwood is offering drop-off of polystyrene foam, including foam packing and peanuts, clean food packaging, foam sheets of insulation, and coolers. The city says a recycling depository at Midwest Recycling on Schuetz Road will be open to all residents and business in the region. The styrofoam recycling is NOT available for curbsid … Read More

via CBS St. Louis

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