Can You Believe it? Constitutional Rights are slowly

Dear Readers,

 I have always stood up for our rights, especially our constitutional rights like the right to free  speech – Well today I went to Wikipedia and started an account so that I could help inform the public about Retail shops going green or are green.

After saving my changes to the new page (which I made sure there wasn’t a listing for) called Organic Shops in the State of Washington.

Apparently they do not want the public to know anything about it because my account was blocked by a doctor that stated NO BUSINESS ADVERTISING

I went to his site and found that he has the name of the hospital where he works on his site. To me that is advertising to which he flat-out said not to do; I contacted the admins about what he did and since he is a bureaucrat on Wikipedia and is blatantly disregarding the site rules & I think you should know about it.

Do you think that it is fair he has done this? Leave a comment.

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