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I like to make sure consumers know –

Their opinions shape their shopping experience with us

I want consumers to see our products are healthy, specialized and offered at competitive prices.

 We are in the beginning process of  transferring to renewable energy  ( wind, solar, and water) by getting off the grid totally ( for a complete zero environmental footprint )

We will be able to offer even lower prices!

Which will help us carry out our last goal –

 To be the best shop globally with GUARANTEEED competitive pricing!

How you can help us accomplish these goals?

 Simple, give us your advice and feedback about us, our products as well as:

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Jenifer Hale


Survey 1When shopping for your bath & body products are you or do you?

A.) look for best price per store

B.) Loyal customer-shop & purchase in one place.
Give the answers by clicking the link below (copy n paste 2nd link to your browser if 1st link fails.)-

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    • I don’t think you understood that our ingredients are totally whole organic not minute amounts in a big vat of chemicals parading as botanical & organic!
      I feel insulted that someone suggests using chemical cosmetics on my organic site!
      J. C. Hale


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