About Us

About the ceo, J. C.Hale-

I’ve always been an independent person not just an artist. most people follow several members of my family and super close friends said how cool it would be if I sold my products, this way you can totally enjoy life by selling your products.

I asked myself several hard questions:

How would I structure it?
Since I’m familiar with Avon (ex-product user & seller), I could sell not only door to door and catalogs but online too. Building my customer base via word of mouth & through the use of samples locally; while building a business presence globally.

How would I price them?

I figured that Haggling is a good place to start (ensures a half way stable consumer price range) so I hit the flea markets to get a better idea as to the lowest price consumers are willing to pay.

When my crocheted king size afghan sold for $55 I started making business inqueries.

About Custom Gifts By J. C. Hale-

July of 1999:
Checked with the state of Oregon and Washington, about home based sole proprietorship business for crafters, Oregon said that once I’d made over $400 I had to register as a business.

Late ’99 -I started my building my web site on ecomplanet.com, using their design wizard to format appearance that would appeal to the public (add company information, product photos and descriptions that are short sweet and to the point from a consumer’s perspective.)
Which was the ground work for the newest information I had to learn before setting up and opening my e-commerce store!
I had to set up my account with PayPal following their guidelines as to what and which type of account I’d need before selling online (since budget was a sliver of a shoe string, free is within the budget allowance, lol) with their PayPal order buttons. Once I got the hang of it I was working even harder and longer because I wanted to be open for Christmas before 2000.

December ’99 –
We were Open for Christmas  last-minute rush orders

August 7,2000- 12/010-013

Registered my business  with the states of Washington & Oregon.
Revamped our E-store by switching to wordpress.com for the page & photo increase (again free) then upgraded the whole store.

I received an interesting QUESTION from a lady in New York- ” Why do you make everything by hand, wouldn’t machines do it faster?”

My ANSWER: Everything is made by hand because- Machines break down needing repair constantly (if you’ve had to call a repairman and seen the final cost you definitely understand!) it’s Cost effective for our environment, less use of the power grid.
Manufacturing in small batches by hand ensures proper blending
of both hue (color tone) & fragrance.
Glass bowls and wooden spoons are used so that any of the dyes, fragrances, etc are not handled by metal (which are absorb into the product– unless it’s copper, the body does need this mineral.)

’94, I started making my own bath & body products when my body broke out in hives from the ingredients of the store bought brands after having my daughter.
Besides it’s cheaper to make, especially since most of the natural ingredients are grown in our garden!
Started experimenting with different ingredients to shape my own lines of candles, lotion, bath salt, massage oil, and soap. The recipes are top secret but the ingredients are public.

’03 Our new line Bath & Bodyline debuted and was added to bath soap, bath salts, face and body lotions, bath/ massage oils with the regular line of products.

Please remember when you are walking down the bath n body aisle at a brand name store n the price shock sets in; come to us to learn how to make your own.
Not enough time? No problem, purchase from us because we -SAVE YOU TIME AND MONEY,plus enhance your body’s immune system which our competitors can’t guarantee because our products are  manufactured with 100% Natural & botanical ingredients

Uniquely Customized by you the consumer.

Our prices are guaranteed lower than our competitors!


 Personal touch that shows we care about our customers & our environment.

We can keep our prices low to pass our savings onto you, our valued customers!

 100% satisfaction guarantee on all of our products.

We offer payment plans for all budgets – please see Retail Store  for particulars on our payment plans. We will work payment plans for even the smallest budget- just contact me to make the payment arrangements: 3607612541

Thus making us the best company to purchase unique products at competitive prices!

WATCH OUR  product video  – Use our feedback page for any comments or suggestions you may have!

  Our products range from oil lamps, jewelry boxes, candles, candle holders, stained glass window hangings, paintings to jewelry, clocks, drinkware, liquid potpourri burners, hat racks,  bath & body products,  networking, partnership offers, and business opportunities. 

                         Have a nice day 🙂


                                   Product Policies, Exchanges & Returns


                             Terms Of Service:

We guarantee our products 100% to be free from defects, manufactured with pure botanical ingredients.

 In the event of a defect please see our exchanges policy below.

 Postal order with payment by the following:

Cash – No later than 22 days unless it is a custom order, refer to The following criteria is set for custom orders, located below.

Money Order– Your order will be in your hands no later than 22 days upon receiving your payment unless it is a custom order,Please refer to information below titled- The following criteria is set for custom orders   

  Check– it may take up to 7 business days to receive payment- once payment is received your order is shipped immediately even if it is custom order (the seven days gives us time to process immediately while waiting for payment.)

The following criteria is set for custom orders:

Your Color, fragrance choices will be longer in shipment due to manufacturing time (you will be contacted upon shipment of your order.) 



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