Earn $$ while having fun Working From Home

Characteristics we look for:

Honesty, Integrity,Family oriented-

Have fun spending quality time with family with our flexible schedules.
Qualification Questions, please answer as honestly –
1.) Do you Love to be in the limelight?
1a.) Are you totally into Ambitiousness?
1b.) Are you one of the wonderful Self- Starters?
1c.) On FB plus Family/ Friend Oriented?
1d.) Family / Friend Oriented
1e.) Do you prefer being in the background?
1f.) Does the sight of trash on the side of the road and in recreational parks make you cringe, piss you off or spin you into auto- clean mode?

Next step click the highlighted text that best fits how you answered:

Click here, If you answered 1.), 1a.), 1d.)

Click here, If you answered 1b.), 1d.), 1e.), 1f.)
Click here, If you answered ALL
Click here, If you prefer not to Answer


If this describes you
,please fill out an Application and send it back via email to:


In the subject box: ATT- HR PROCESSING Application IN
Please allow 72 hours, your email will be processed soon.

To make sure your request stays out of your junkbox be sure to put customgiftsbyjchale@live.com in your contacts list.

If you experience problems with the application  please  CALL:


WEEKENDS or after hours you can Request Application via email, please direct your request to

In the subject box: Application REQUESTED

Please allow 72 hours, your email will be processed soon. REMINDER:
To make sure your request stays out of your junkbox

    be sure to put customgiftsbyjchale@live.com in your contacts list


If you answered Mostly work in the background or saving our environment

We also love our planet! We need people to pick up recyclables in local communities and take it to the recyclers.

Please Call: 360-761-2959 to schedule interview
On Windows Messenger? Send INTERVIEW IM TO:
Monday thru Friday 9AM to 6PM



Congratulations to continue Click Here


I know that you find this hard to digest, we are one of the best companies to have a low footprint impact and we have the facts to back us up (yes we have a pedigree, lol ) I will not push, conjole, coerce you, this is totally up to you. 

Take your time checking us out here on our site, get to know us, you can ask any question and get an honest sometime brutally answer whether negative or postive.

Read our Ingredients page, About Us, Posts,  Archives,  click the seals and badges to verify our claims  to  legal authenticity. Need to see our documentation, or other business information just ask.

This should help you make an informed decision about our character, products, and income opportunities. We need all the help we can get no matter how little that person may or may not think it is.

allow me to make you a compromise-

 TEST DRIVE one of our products, we have a no-risk guarantee,  you only pay for the shipping (that is refundable, thus the no risk guarantee.)

Before applying or using product please do the following —

Take a close up (use a mangifying glass to magnify the area x3 for best skin detail)  photo of the area our product will be applied to:

Face – photo shot of eye  and cheek area

Tummy– photo of  mid torso (lower ribs to top of hip bones- belly button should be dead center.)

Severely Troubled Spots- Heels, Elbows, Knees, Toes or wherever you think a trouble spot may be.

Name or Item # of  the product type being used,

Date of before photo taken. 

Keep a journal of what you have noticed about your skin.

Once the entire product is gone tell us what your results were by using our feedback form on our menu at the top of the site.

We look forward to your patronage and thank you for your interest in our income from home information and for taking the time  out of your busy schedule.

   Please please reply to my compromise to help you be fully informed about our company.


Jenifer Hale


In the shop today, drawing up….

Our business sign for road side and local events- recaptured plexiglass center.
Hinge decisions suck cause very few actually fit the design for a modern look.

Stained Glass Tea Light/Votive holder


Stained Glass Seascape tea light/votive holder


Votive candle holder to show the finer details.

Etched ceramic mugs


Centering and lay out before phase 2 (etching)

UPDATE RE: The Kind Alternative

They have moved back to Preston/Issaquah
Scott & everyone loves the cup & has asked to see our Tie Dye Clothing line. Back to the shop to dye brightly!
To see our clothing click the post:
Tie dye clothing
Currently only t-shirts, I have one pair of jeans that were dyed a wine but look more like magenta or fuchsia.


The cup in this photo is an 11 Oz. Irish Coffee style.
I am not impressed with the silver leafing pen! It’ll be used on stash boxes stained glass frames etc.

Changed cups & no paint- etched
the logo- The Kind Alternative Medical Collective- on a green swirl 12Oz cup.
Unfortunately, I didn’t take pics this time, kicking myself big time!

UPDATE 3 White with Gold Rim Cup


Stage 2 of Lady Buds Logo- visual design

Second side of Lady Buds Inc logo cup-the visual design of their name. More to come…..

Etching is complete-



Painting the ladybug on rose bud.

Midnight forest stems with brilliant and vivid red buds. Just the first stage of painting, the minute details will be stage 2 before completion.

Tie dye clothing line

New colors to chose  


Tie dye T-shirt, extra large



For information: 3607612541
To order:   3607612959
Price: $20 per shirt, any size.

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